Cashflow quick win 6: deepen your relationship on autopilot.

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I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Harnessing the power automations is so important to your digital marketing campaigns. Here’s another one of my favourites, an easy tactic to 10x the ROI or results of your ad spend. 

Something we discussed in an earlier post was, make sure you’re deepening the relationship fast because up to 3% of people you get your offer to are ready to buy what you’re selling right now.

On average, there’s another 30% of people who will be ready to buy your offer in the next 90 to 120 days. And you want to keep reaching these people through their research and decision making process. 

Fortunately you can reach them quite easily through a simple email sequence. Once you’ve set this sequence up, it’s automatically sent out on a weekly basis for three to four months. That’s a total of just 16 emails. 

They don’t have to be long, they could just be a few paragraphs, you can spend a day, and you can put these together you know, Saturday or Sunday or, you know, you certainly do it over a week in your spare time to put together 16 emails. 

You can simply write about things like current issues that you know your target audience is facing, you can talk about the solutions that you know can help your target audience with their current issues. It can be talking about current events that are relevant to your target audience, perhaps industry events. It can be talking a little bit about what you’re doing, and a little bit about why your organisation is so good, maybe talking about some success stories that you’ve had with your clients or customers that sort of thing. 

And that can all be sent out on autopilot, once you’ve set that up. You might set that up in MailChimp, for example, or AWeber – two very good platforms for sending out emails on autopilot. And after you set this up, it just keeps working forever, for free. And it can literally take your ROI from your investment in marketing and advertising, and literally 10x it. 

Because suddenly instead of just targeting those 3% of people who are ready to buy now, as many businesses do and then just forgetting everybody that doesn’t buy now, you’re targeting those initial 3% and then in addition, you’re maintaining communications with that 30% who statistically will buy over the next three to four months. 

So you 10x-ing from 3% to that potential 30% sales, just by sending out these autopilot comms. It’s a no brainer. 

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